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          西電集團 亚洲的色情电影
           Converter transformer is running in Lingbao Converter Station
           The three gorges—— smoothing reactor of Changzhou DC transmission project is on trial
           Shunt capacitors
           PLC filter capacitor on AC side
           120Mvar 330kV smoothing reactor
           General Secretary Hu Jintao Inspected China XD Electric Co., Ltd
           Primer Wen Jiabao Inspected China XD Group
           China XD Made Successful Research and Development of Extra High Voltage Large Transformers to Complete 1000MW Generator Set
           Successful Research and Development of US-Exporting Transformers by China XD
           Business scope of China XD Group
           Major product types
           Industrial position of XD Group
           Layout of the Industrial Areas of XD Group
          China XD Group Company has realized zero-accident safety production
              In recent years, China XD Group Company has always taken implementation of relevant stipulations of Interim Procedures for Monitoring and Management of Safety Production of Central Enterprises promulgated by State Property Management Commission of the State Council as the primary task of safety production and apply in each aspect of safety production work, adhered to safety production management "two responsibilities for one position", strictly carried out safety production responsibilities of enterprise departments at all levels and various categories of personnel   More
          Slogan of Low Carbon and Environmental Protection
              Energy conservation and low carbon life is started from now, from me and from trivial things;Use energy conservation and low carbon products, Initiate green consumption;Low carbon leads fashion of environmental protection, quality life starts from me;Low carbon enters into millions of families, I participate in activity of energy conservation and environmental protection;   More
          2005-2009 Work Summary of Emission Reduction
              In recent years, Group Company has emphasized assessment and guidance of development of energy conservation and emission reduction, broken down the work objective and mission of emission reduce by levels to subordinate enterprises   More
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